Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping


Commercial property and facilities are a significant investment and an important part of a company's image. Beautiful and well maintained grounds attract customers and provide an immediate impression how the company conducts business.

Commercial Landscape Company of Dhaka

We have worked on a variety of commercial properties including offuce,subdivisions, hotel & resorts, industry,shopping centers, school facilities and Industrial Grounds. Our professional landscape design services can do wonders that not only define and enhance spaces, but also gives a distinctive character to a commercial property as well.  Whether you’re interested in simple renovations or a completely new landscape, we work with you to create designs that last.


List of Services for Commercial / Industrial Grounds Clients:

• Commercial Landscape Design & Master Plan
• Grounds & Lawn Design & Consultation
• Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems Installation
• Garden Renovation , Replacement & Enhancement
• Landscape Lighting
• Hardscaping (Masonry) & Water Feature Installation
• Wood Structure Installation (Carpentry)
• Retaining Walls, Fences, Gates, Concrete Stamping & Walkways Installation


Commercial landscaping

Commercial landscaping is the planning, designing, installation, and maintenance of outdoor business spaces. The commercial landscaping service involves building aesthetically, appealing landscape designs.

For example, if you want to portray a high-class and professional image, we can design your outdoor space in a clean and sleek design. Moreover, if you want to exude a charming and fresh outlook, we can set up your landscape with greens and nature-like design.

It all depends on what you want. We can help put your vision into reality with our reliable, experienced and professional landscaping team. We also have garden maintenance packages for a regular and periodic commercial garden maintenance service.

Commercial Landscape Company

Creating beautiful & effective outdoor spaces is our specialty; we blend our years of experience with our careful attention to engineering value. Our bonded & skilled landscaping crews have an array of experience in all aspects of installing both landscape and hardscape materials. Our construction skills & expertise ensures creative, unique and cost-effective construction designs.

Call us today & We’ll Schedule you in a meeting with one of our professional designers to discuss your landscape goals, evaluate your needs and clarify your vision.