We have years of experience in creating landscape designs, for home gardens, Institutional projects like universities, colleges, schools, roof garden terraces, commercial projects etc.

Our experienced designer/landscaper will deliver a design that meets your requirements. In our experience, time spent planning at this early stage helps reduce potential mistakes and delays during the construction time.  Which most of the Landscape Company of Bangladesh has not done.

Maintenance Landscape Company

Maintenance Landscape Service

The Landscape Company of Bangladesh, Garden Centre provides a full range of Maintenance landscape service to commercial and residential customers. Our professional and expert team provides regular Maintenance landscape service of your gardens and specializes in irrigation services and water maintenance. Our experienced team can design and plant a new landscape and provide erosion and drainage services to protect your property.

Residential and Commercial Services

The Landscape Company of Bangladesh, Garden centre offers landscape maintenance to residential and commercial customers throughout the County and the local area. As a Maintenance landscape service company, we can maintain your plant, flower, and tree beds; fertilize, maintain your grass; and offer a variety of other services that will keep your landscaping looking its best. We can handle your complete Maintenance landscape service or simply perform professional services on an as-needed basis to keep your property looking great.

We have a long time of track record of completing projects on time, on budget, on schedule. Experienced, maintenance teams set the standard each day in planting, control, pruning, irrigation management, maintenance and repair, and fertilization etc.

The Landscape Company’s quality, creativity, and experience have enabled us to become one of the leading Landscape Company of Bangladesh. We maintain the grounds of many high-profile owners.

Maintenance Landscape Service

We maintain and beautifies the grounds of commercial properties:

• Condominiums
• Gated communities
• Apartment complexes
• Office complexes
• Shopping malls
• Storefronts
• Retail
• Convenience stores
• Gas stations
• Hotels and motels
• Convention centres
• Community centres
• Golf clubs and social clubs
• Health clubs
• Educational and institutional facilities
• Churches
• Banks
• Municipal facilities
• Parking lots
• Processing plants
• Manufacturing facilities


Maintenance Landscape Service in dhaka

Irrigation Services

A properly designed system will help to keep your landscape healthy during the dry months by ensuring optimal watering. The Landscape Company of Bangladesh, the garden centre can design complete irrigation systems for your entire lawn and landscaping or modify and add new zones to your system.

At our Company, we install new irrigation systems for residential and commercial customers. We can install the system using water-wise conservation principles. After your new irrigation system is installed, we will walk you through how your new system works, explain to you how to operate your system, and perform other necessary steps to keep your system working properly.

We offer repair and maintenance services for any type or brand of irrigation system. With our maintenance services, we can make sure that your system is working at maximum efficiency. We can perform the necessary irrigation system repairs that will keep your system working properly and help to keep your lawn looking the best.

Maintenance landscaping company in Dhaka

Irrigation installation

As an experienced landscaping company in Dhaka, we offer professional irrigation system installation services for commercial and residential customers. Our professionals will evaluate your garden and landscaping. Then designing and installing your irrigation system to ensure proper system design. We can install new irrigation systems and modify a yard.

Irrigation system maintenance

With our complete professional irrigation system maintenance services, we can service and repair all types and brands of sprinkler and irrigation systems for residential and commercial clients. We can also inspect, test, repair your landscape system.

Landscape Installation

At The Landscape Company of Bangladesh, we specialize in landscape installations. Whether starting from the ground or renovating an existing landscape, we make your vision come to reality. In today’s environment, there are several landscaping choices available to consumers. Our landscaping and plants can grow or thrive with minimal water or rainfall, survive for long periods without water. Most tolerant plants are native plants that are considered native plants in a particular region. All landscaping needs some maintenance to remain attractive. While a garden makes your home’s beautifully appealing, it also claims a lot of your free time. Xeriscape is often used to outline a landscaping style that uses tolerant plants to help conserve water. There can be several flowers, shrubs and trees deer avoid, which can be affected by the pressure.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design

The Landscape Company of Bangladesh, Garden centre has worked extensively with beautiful landscapes in Dhaka and through the County.
We began our career in the retail nursery business developing an intimate knowledge of plants and the environment. Pursuing the passion of designing dream landscapes, we went on to study horticulture and landscape design. That passion can be seen in the mostly native, low-water, low-maintenance, yet elegant, landscapes we create.

With vast experience working with the many properties found in Dhaka and other regions, We provide landscape and garden consulting, site analysis, conceptual, preliminary, and coloured blueprint design services for clients. Our services provide plant selection, layout and oversight concept. Additionally, We offer personal shopping for plant material and containers. We include custom-themed and custom-container green gardens; butterfly and hummingbird gardens; drought and deer resistant gardens and many more.


A beautiful outdoor landscape can create an artistic living environment that can increase the value of your home. Gardening Centre is here to assist you. We are offering our residential and commercial customers top quality and value in commercial landscaping and lawn care services. Our skilled team are well-trained experts in all aspects of landscape construction, developing and utilizing the most effective tools and resources to complete your project on time and within your landscape budget and demands.
Landscape Design in dhaka

Landscaping Services That We Offered:

• Landscape Construction
• Landscape Maintenance
• Lawn Care
• Water Features
• Front Entrances
• Commercial Property Maintenance
• Outdoor Construction
• Landscape Management
• Fertilization and Weed Control
• Seasonal Flowers
• Exterior Lighting
• Horticultural Services
• Irrigation & Drainage
• Outdoor Spaces
• Hardscapes, Walls, and Masonry
• Turf and Ornamental Services


Why You Choose Us?
– Providing high-quality professional landscape services to each client
– Personal and friendly service to you
– Fully insured and secured
– Work closely with clients throughout the entire process.
– Complete customer satisfaction ensuring
– Utilize high-quality landscape materials