Flower Seeds Supplier

Flower Seeds Supplier


Garden Centre has been working in the horticulture area for quite a while. The goal is to improve food and healthful security by guaranteeing the steady stock of value farming data sources including strong assortments, advancing economical creation innovations. Additionally, fitting motorization to lessen post-collect misfortunes.?

Quality seeds are one of the essential variables for exceptional returns. To guarantee quality seed supply, Flower Seeds Supplier Company of Bangladesh, Garden Center has been promoting crossover maize seeds and mixture rice seeds. It likewise began creating half breed maize seeds, vegetable seeds and mixture rice seeds Blossom Seeds Supplier Company of Bangladesh, Garden Center has set up the worth chain arrangement of creation and dissemination for seeds and other agriculture data sources, permitting the endeavour to offer reasonable costs to the ranchers. Garden Center, around providing quality agrarian sources of info, suitable creation and post-gather advances to upgrade creation and lessen present reap misfortunes on enhancing the benefit of poor and negligible ranchers. Also, it is significant for the Garden Center to utilize reasonable strategies so agrarian advancement doesn't happen at the expense of natural agreement.

Flower Seeds Supplier Company of Bangladesh, Garden Centre Seed

Flower Seeds Supplier Company of Bangladesh, Garden Center Seed has agriculture innovative work habitats. The focuses are directing applied examination on plant tissue culture, vegetables, rice and maize. It has a dirt testing research centre with a limit of testing around thousands of soil tests each year. Our scientists centre around finding new assortments that address the issues of both provincial ranchers and purchasers. Garden Centre has created breed rice assortments, four mixture maize assortments, crossover vegetable assortments and three open-pollinated vegetable assortments. It has enlisted crossover rice colourful assortments through government specialists.

With the creation of communities and around agreement ranchers around the nation Flower Seeds Supplier Company of Bangladesh, Garden Center is the country's biggest maker of mixture maize seed and the second-biggest maker of potato seed. It has the biggest piece of the overall industry for rice seed maize seed, potato seed and vegetable seed. The seed and agro endeavour have set up five seed preparing focuses with handling tons each year, alongside stockpiling frameworks with a limit of tons. To guarantee great seeds, the endeavour utilizes programmed polymer seed covering treatment (fungicide) and a programmed bundling framework. Besides, it advances climate cordial cultivating by advertising micronutrients like zinc and boron to handle the rising micronutrient inadequacy in soil.

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• Through Research, Integrity and The Garden Centre To Become The Best and Most Trusted Provider Of Seeds and Services To Mitigate The Deficit Of Rice and Vegetable Pre-Requisites, and Economic and Technological Constraints in Bangladesh.
• To Be The Best Seed Brand in Bangladesh.
• Biotechnology Applications To Strengthen to Core Competence.


• Give Seed and The Latest Technology To Add Value To The Business Of Farming Backed By Integrity and Over The Years Experience.
• Guarantee Desired Quality in All The Seeds Produced and Have 100%, Satisfied Customers.
• Participate in Scientific Research and Distribution Of High-Quality Seeds and Pesticides To Promote Increased Productivity and Sustainability.

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• To grow the best Hybrid and Open Pollinated Seeds
• To Ensure Consistent and Timely Supply
• To Maintain Good Relationship With Growers, Traders, Suppliers, Farmers and others.
• To Create a Working Atmosphere To Enable The Employees Grow and Prosper.
• To develop The Philosophy and Values Of The Company.
• To grow The Best Hybrid seed, Farmer's Need To Maintain and Improve The Quality Standards.
• To ensure Consistent and Timely Supply.
• To Maintain Good Relationship With Growers, Traders, Suppliers, and Farmers.
• To Create a Working Atmosphere.
• To develop The Philosophy and Values.


• Remain Farmer Centric and Focus On Needs Of Farmers
• Get Out into The Market and Listen, Observe, Learn and Act
• Have a World View Of Agriculture Market
• Authority
• Execution Excellence
• Consistent Efficiency Improvement
• Development and Technology
• Uprightness and Quality
• Individuals – Farmers and Growers

Seasonal Flower Program

Seasonal Flower Program Seeds Supplier Company of Bangladesh, Garden Centre’s seed undertaking has fabricated the worth chain arrangement of creation and appropriation through a wide organization of vendors and over sub-sellers around the country. Garden Center Seed Seasonal Flower Program is presently promoting mixture assortments and open-pollinated assortments of vegetable seed, breed assortments and high return assortments of rice seed and half assortments of maize seed and assortments potato seed. During the creation season, the undertaking has showcased tons of half breed rice seed, high-yielding assortments of rice seed, tons of crossover maize seed, tons of vegetable seeds and tons of potato seeds. In the seed business, Garden Center Seasonal Flower Program Seed has a piece of the pie in half and half rice, in mixture maize, in potatoes and vegetables. Pair, Garden Center is additionally bringing in quality seeds consistently to build the public creation of high-yielding assortments concocted across the globe.

Other than the Seasonal Flower Program centre seed business, the Seasonal Flower Program seed and agro endeavour are right now working with two activities, 'agri-business for exchange Competitiveness Project (ATC-P) Bangladesh', which guarantees the accessibility of value vegetable seeds at hard-to-arrive regions and 'Support', which plans to guarantee nourishment improved orange tissue yam creation and advancement on roasts and zones with pungent soil and water. Already, Seed dealt with the agriculture Project to improve wages, sustenance and wellbeing in Bangladesh through the development of potato, yam and vegetables. The undertaking likewise worked together for a venture to guarantee food security through roots and tuber crops. Another undertaking was led in a joint effort which included the advancement of maize development through expanding mindfulness, admittance to data and quality contributions to the southern area of the country to permit ranchers to produce pay.

The Flower Seeds Supplier Company of Bangladesh, Garden Center seed business is the most major piece of agriculture. The advancement of this industry towards high yielding assortment and keeping up hereditary variety will assume a basic part in guaranteeing a feasible expansion in the farming yield of Bangladesh. Remembering this test, Garden Center began the seed business. In numerous items, The Seed is the market chief and getting a charge out of a lot of piece of the overall industry. Our seeds have acquired wide acknowledgement by ranchers for their quality and yield. Our R&D group is turning out constantly for improving new and safe items for the ranchers. This has made a positive brand picture and an establishment of trust on which we can extend the business. We have our innovative workstations in Rural Development Academy, which is turning out steadily for developing new and safe items for the ranchers. Flowers seeds supplier company of Bangladesh, Garden Centre seed banded together with a ton of advancement associations like USAID, IRRI, Katalyst, IFC and numerous others to improve the existence of individuals through inferring powerful business strategy on the lookout. We are likewise cooperated with numerous global national seed organizations and circulating extraordinary compared to other quality seed in the market through our solid inventory network and SPC upholds. We will likely develop this business through the legitimate correspondence of agriculture practices and guarantee the proper utilization of crossbreed seeds. We are zeroing in on more innovative work for guaranteeing quality items by Biotechnology. We are utilizing Blotter, PCR, TZ and so forth test for the inventory of agrarian yields in the country.